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Early Career Book Prize

The Association of Mainland Southeast Asian Scholars offers a prize for the best first book on a Mainland Southeast Asian Studies topic by a scholar specialising in the area. The winner of the prize will receive $500. There will be an honorary mention to the runner up. 


  • The author must be a member of AMSEAS

  • The book must be a monograph and deal primarily with a country or countries of Mainland Southeast Asia

  • The book must be the scholar’s first

  • The book must be sole-authored

  • The book must have been published within three years of the awarding of the prize (2019 - 2022)

  • The prize will be awarded at the biennial Asian Studies Association of Australia conference in 2022

  • Nominations must be received by1st April 2022

Selection Process


A panel of three judges will be appointed by the AMSEAS Executive Committee. The decision of the panel will be final. 

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